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Brief Overview

Grosse Pointe Public Library offers a solution to those seeking local articles from the past. From historical events in the last century to issues released in the last few months. The Publication Search is a tool for our patrons and those seeking to inform themselves and others.

Quick Guide To Publication Searching

  • Narrow your search down to publication group by choosing one of the “Search” buttons below.
  • Enter keywords and/or dates into the search box (Example: “Library 2007” or “Henry Ford”).
  • Click on search or press enter to get results.
  • Results will have links which you can view on your screen by clicking on them.
  • Helpful synopsis beneath the links can help give you an idea the publication’s contents.


Grosse Pointe News
1930 — Present

Grosse Pointe Review
1930 — 1952

Civic News
1920 — 1934


Grosse Pointe Magazine
2010 — Present

Insider’s Guide

1984 — 1990


Obituary Database
1940 — Present